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Envelop yourself in a cloak of protection and guidance with our small Black Opium 'Protection' Spell Candle Jar. Infused with a captivating opium fragrance, this candle transcends mere decoration – it's a conduit for invoking divine energy and safeguarding your sacred space.


Crafted with purpose, this spell candle is an essential companion for rituals of protection and guidance. Whether adorning your space as alternative decor or serving as a focal point in your spiritual practice, its enigmatic glow and entrancing aroma create an atmosphere that beckons the divine.


Hand-poured with premium paraffin wax, each candle embodies quality and attention to detail. The deep black hue and intoxicating opium scent add an aura of mystery and power to any environment, making it a versatile addition to your rituals or decor.

Opium 'Protection' Spell Candle Jar

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